Get Fit. Get Trim

November 11, 2016

Getting fit can happen anywhere and everywhere and it won’t take an entire home gym to get you there. These handy bits of kit can help transform your fitness and help you reach your goals.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is the perfect bit of kit to make sure you’re working hard enough. Training with your heart rate enables you to monitor not only your effort, but your overall level of fitness. The faster your heart rate can jump from high intensity back to rest, the higher level of fitness you’ve got. As your fitness improves you’ll also find what originally had your heart rate soaring will become easier and you’ll know when it’s time to up the ante to continue improving.

Heart Rate Monitor


Trying to get fit at home doesn’t mean you have to prance around in you PJ’s.  Research  has shown that having the right activewear can actually improve your efforts, as well as provide you with a more comfortable routine. Technical fabrics wick sweat and prevent odour and chaffing to enhance your activity. Whether you’re training at home, outside or in the gym your activewear should match your effort. If you’re dressed in your PJ’s, you’re more likely to take a nap than to work out. Trim Apparel activewear collection is designed to help you reach your full potential and support your performance. 


The TRX is a great addition to any home workout routine as it can be easily homed in any room of the house with a mount or even using a door frame. TRX workouts add an extra dimension to bodyweight training by adding intensity to bodyweight exercises through the use of suspension. Users create constant tension on the abdominals, whilst performing multi-dimensional, compound exercises using bodyweight and suspension resistance. Integration is better than isolation. Training multiple muscle groups at a time promises faster results. Adding a TRX to your home routine will add extra intensity and diversity to your routine to keep you moving forward towards your goals. 



Kettlebells are another tool which can easily be incorporated into a home training regime. Kettlebells increase strength, speed and power and boost your metabolism whilst burning calories. A traditional kettlebell is a cast iron weight, it’s spherical in shape with a flat base and handle at the top, these can be swung, snatched and lifted in various ways to build a strong, fit physique. There is such a variety of exercises you can do with a kettlebell that they can be a very good purchase for a home gym, however if you’re entirely new to kettlebells we recommend you seek some tuition from a qualified instructor before going it alone, flying kettlebells make their fair share of damage.Kettlebells


When most people think of working out, they picture a dumbbell. Dumbbells are the symbol of working out and quite possibly the most important purchase when it comes to training at home. Adding weights to your routine will help build muscle, strengthen your bones and burn more calories. Start by getting a dumbbell tree, or adjustable weights, so you can improve as you go along. The list of exercises you can do with dumbbells feels endless, so it’s worth investing in a sturdy pair which will last you a long time.

Resistance bands

If you're tight on space resistance bands are great for creating extra intensity to your routine without requiring loads of room. These can easily be stored out of the way and are great for assisted stretching as well as incorporating into your routine.Bands increase strength, improve your balance and reduce joint pain.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a great addition to any home training regime for use before, during and after workouts. Foam rolling your muscles stimulates increased blood flow to tired muscles as well as relieving knots and improving circulation using a technique called self myofascial release. As well as using a foam roller to stretch, it can be used during your workout to create an unstable platform, for example using a plank. The unstable platform creates extra work as your body is forced to recruit further muscles to try to help it stabilise as well as complete the exercise. 

Gym Clothing

October 26, 2016

The rise of athleisure has seen us kiss goodbye to grey tops with sweat patches and what was embarrassing to be caught in has now transformed into high fashion, technical fabrics with bold designs and flattering gym clothing that can be worn all day.


Gym clothing has had an upgrade, no longer do you keep your old baggy spaghetti stained t shirts for the gym, but in fact your gym wear can be the most high quality and technical fabrics to embrace your wardrobe. Gym clothing has always been long behind high street fashion, but in recent years it is catching up and even overtaking, breaking its way onto the catwalk.


Gym clothing now has advanced technologies which wick sweat, keep your temperature regulated and move with your body. New technologies enable you to be confident in your gym clothing and your workout.

Serious about sport

Wearing gym clothing which has been designed with the purpose of being worn to workout is a sign you take your training seriously.

All day active

Gym clothing has snuck out of the gym and not just to go fro your morning run. From grocery shopping to coffee shops, it’s no longer an embarrassment to be caught in your gym gear, if anything it's a chance to show off a well thought out outfit. New stylish designs mean you want to keep your gym clothing on for longer, and fashion says you can!


Gym clothing has moved away from cotton and movement restricting materials and become founded on freedom of movement and the four way stretch. The freedom of movement in gym clothing is part of what has made it so popular for daywear as user’s can go about their daily lives without the restriction of tight or uncomfortable materials such as denim.

Mens Sleeveless Tank Tops

September 23, 2016

Men’s sleeveless T shirt’s are the go to top for men looking to show off their bulging biceps, invented for the athletic physique, but there's more to the style than just a big ego, read on to discover the brains behind the braun.

Why go Sleeveless?


Obviously, the lack of sleeves allows your skin to breathe where it needs it most, exposing your armpits and also reducing the risk of sweat patches.

Freedom of Movement

A sleeveless T shirt allows for complete freedom of movement around the shoulder joint. Your shoulder offers the greatest range of motion, so it can be really beneficial to not have any restrictions caused by material.


As they have the least material, sleeveless T shirts provide the most lightweight protection which is why you will often see athletes who need to remain as light as possible for their sports performance wearing a sleeveless t shirt, such as a Triathlete.


Ever heard if you’ve got it flaunt it? Of course you have, and the sleeveless T shirt is the perfect example of that. Sleeveless T shirts flatter an athletic physique and show off the body you’ve worked so hard for, pulling off a sleeveless gym T shirt, is a symbol of success.

Whilst these are great reasons to ditch your sleeves, this doesn’t mean you should be rushing off to cut all the sleeves off your T shirts. The raw seams could fray and lead to chafing, sleeveless t shirts are crafted to not rub the sensitive skin under your armpits and have a relaxed fit around the armpit to allow your skin to breathe where it needs it most.

Our Pro-Fit Tank Top is the perfect sleeveless T Shirt which is made from soft touch materials, featuring elastane to give you comfort with stylish Trim branding.  Designed with style, made for performance.

The Ultimate Leggings

September 17, 2016

Running Tights

Running tights aren’t just made to showcase toned legs or jazz up your gym wear with a brave pattern and they’re not just for women either! Running tights can now help wick away sweat, keep your body at the right temperature and help aid blood circulation with their compression technology.


Tights come in a variety of thicknesses and depending on what time of year it is depends on what thickness is going to work best for you. Thicker tights, whilst great for extra warmth during winter, can often restrict your range of motion, be quite heavy to run in, or worse still chaff! By contrast tights which are too thin can leave your legs chilly, as well as risk being see through should you bend over. We recommend you take your tights through a changing room test, try out your range of motion, bend over and do a mirror check, it’ll save you the embarrassment of any potential flashing. Also remember lighting makes a difference, the changing room lighting can often be designed to hide these little details, so step outside your curtain and squat somewhere else in the shop, you may feel silly at the time, but wouldn’t you feel sillier showcasing your cheeks?

Our Ultimate Leggings are designed using the highest grade materials to ensure comfort, versatility and sweat control allowing you to maximise your results while being active.


There are two key tests for a waistband, does it sit comfortably without chaffing and does it stay where it’s meant to. The wrong tights could chafe your tummy, fall to your ankles and then cause you to waddle into a face plant with the floor, it’s not a pretty picture. Typically you will find three types of waistband, an elastic fit, a wide band fit or a tie fit. Elastic fits are great if the materials are high quality, but as you’re dependant fully on their bounce-back abilities, cheap materials can lack the support you need to keep your tights in place. A wide waistband offers more comfort and is less likely to slip so easily. Tie waistlines ensure a secure fit but can be uncomfortable if you're wearing them for a long time as they can also be prone to chafing, so it’s worth investing in a pair with soft and smooth laces, that you don't have to pull too tightly for a snug fit.


Whilst full length tights offer the most streamlined performance and heat protection ¾ length bottoms often referred to as Capris are also very popular. These sit just below the knee and are great for those who run in warmer weather, or who want a more versatile performance from their tights. ¾ lengths also work well for transitioning sports for example from wearing for running to yoga.

Women’s tip: Watch Out for awkward folds in material, don't let bad tights give you the hump.


September 13, 2016


Gym crop tops are beneficial for those who want to wear a product that has plenty of freedom for movement. These tops are crafted with lightweight materials which allow your body to breathe. Our Statement Crop Top, features a soft touch material which we create with a streamlined silhouette and unique cut outs engineered to provide the ultimate ventilation and freedom of movement.  Its perfect for fitting into your normal day wear and can easily be taken from casual to active.  Our bold statement iconic branding that makes you stand out from the crowd.


A tank fitted gym top is great for those looking to cover up that little bit more. Loose fitting materials skim the body and flatter all body types. Drape fitting tops such as our Elastic Training Vest are also perfect for fitting into your normal day wear and can easily be taken from casual to active.


Those wanting to flash their washboard abs tend to opt for crop tops. In warmer summer months a crop top can make a stylish statement whilst keeping you cool. We suggest wearing our Racer Back Sports Bra when exercising in warmer weather.


Compression wear is designed to be worn like a second skin and is great for remaining streamlined for sports such as cycling. It is also typically lightweight in design which is what makes it so popular for sportswear. Compression technology has also been shown to increase blood flow and help prevent aches, however this is often questioned and more supporting research is needed.   Our compression range is currently in development.


September 09, 2016

From the crossing of culture and catwalk, we find the term Athleisure, now defined in the dictionary as “clothes for everyday wear that are influenced by sportswear; a blend of athletics and leisure”.

The demand for sophisticated activewear, whether a pair of leggings or a sport-specific item, that both performs and hits a high aesthetic mark, has been a long time coming. The journey to Athleisure has been part of a fitness revolution, tied to boutique fitness classes, celebrity trainers, and a market focused on cutting sugar and eating well. Fashion has always been popular, but it is the rise of fitness which has seen gym clothes blend the two worlds.

It's clear this is more than just a trend in gym clothing, athleisure is becoming a lifestyle. Gym kit accounts for almost 17% of the entire retail market according to Forbes and money spent on items such as women’s tights has increased by 24% in just 12 months.


  1. People are embracing healthier lifestyles while also demanding more functionality from their wardrobes. They need everyday comfort to fit fitness seamlessly into an already challenged schedule.
  2. Gym clothes have become more acceptable in the office. Smarter gym clothes allow transitional wear which is acceptable to wear in the office, eliminating the need for extra clothing which clutters your commute to work.
  3. Sportswear has become fashionable. The rise of fitness wear on the catwalk has made gym clothes more acceptable as fashion wear, independent of exercise.
  4. Gym clothes have become a symbol of an empowered woman. Sports brands have used their women’s gym wear to create female orientated campaigns such as the government funded This Girl Can campaign which inspired millions of British women to get active, featuring images of women of all shapes and sizes in their gym clothes, embracing exercise. The videos were viewed more than 37 million times on social media and 540,000 women and girls have joined the This Girl Can online community.
  5. Celebrities are being photographed in their gym wear. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Michael Jordan and Kanye West have released collections with leading sports brands, making gym clothes more aspirational. From A-list to Z-list the number of celebrities boasting about their gym clothes is constantly growing and remains almost permanently in the spotlight.
  6. Exercise trends sweeping in from the U.S such as Insanity and Crossfit are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, encouraging more sales of gym clothes as people join the latest fitness frenzy.
  7. The Olympics inspire us to get active. The aftermath of the 2012 Olympics saw a rise in money spent on gym memberships increase by a third. The 2016 Olympics are certain to motivate many more to grab their gym clothes and get active.
  8. Quality gym clothes are designed with sweat wicking fabrics and performance-pushing technologies which offer luxury and comfort. The best quality brands are rising in the world of athleisure because they’re too comfortable to take off.

There’s a clear demand for gym clothes which do and mean more than just clothing that’s worn at the gym. A Sports Apparel Survey claimed that 78% of women now wear their gym clothes for purposes other than exercise, we need multi-purpose activewear.


September 02, 2016

  • Your boobs can bounce up to 14cm without a sports bra.
  • 44% of women who exercise regularly do not wear a sports bra.
  • You should never need to wear more than one sports bra at a time.
  • A good sports bra can minimise movement by 53%, even in an A cup.
  • Breast pain is a problem for almost one in three (32%) of female marathon runners.
  • A study of 249 women found that breasts ranked fourth among barriers to physical activity, after lack of motivation, time and poor health.


All bras with any amount of spandex or lycra offer a degree of compression. The aim of compression in a sports bra is to push your bust against your chest to prevent movement. Compression bras are best suited to a smaller bust. Encapsulated bras support each boob individually and usually provide a moulded shape suitable for most breast sizes and activities. Sports bras which combine encapsulation and compression are the best option for larger breasted women and as they offer an increased level of compression whilst providing support and uplift.


Different materials offer different benefits in sports bras. Before buying a sports bra, women should determine what they want their bra to do.

Knitted mesh Provides increased ventilation and contour-forming fit
Nylon - blend fabric Lifts moisture from skin and dries quickly to minimize discomfort and chafing from sweat
Polyester / spandex blend Provides comfort from fabric softness
Cotton / Lycra blend Provides more fabric thickness


Straps typically come in a racerback or with individually adjustable straps, racer backs disperse the weight of your chest and take it away from the shoulders, typically they are found in high compression bras as they provide the freedom of movement required for high intensity sports.  Individual straps which offer adjustable support are best for larger busts, as the straps can be adjusted to achieve further movement control.


  1. Nip slip - If there’s potential of a nip slip, it’s time to go up a size.
  2. It’s uncomfortable - Your sports bra should be as comfortable- if not more comfortable than your regular bra.
  3. It’s old - Sports bra’s have a life expectancy and even the best ones need replacing often, as soon as your bra looses it’s elasticity, you're risking your boobs doing the same. To extend the life of your sports bras, treat them - try giving them a hand wash and sun dry.
  4. The band rides up you back - The band is the building blocks of your support, so if its moving it probably doesn't fit properly. The band should sit tight, not move up or down, but not restrict you breathing. It’s never a good idea to exercise in a bra that makes you feel like you're holding your breath.
  5. The straps dig in - Kiss goodbye to this sports bra, if the straps are digging, its not supporting your chest, so it’s about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.
  6. You have to double up - Doubling up on your bra can be uncomfortable and is completely unnecessary if you get a decent fitting bra in the first place. Try getting fitted professionally.
  7. Your boobs whack your chin when you bounce - Before buying any sports bra, do a few high jumps. Run around a little in the fitting room. If your boobs have the potential to knock you out, next.
  8. It's made of cotton -  Technical fabrics are designed to support the breast and wick away moisture, while cotton just stretches out and soaks up sweat.


Naturally because of it’s purpose, sportswear has been designed to provide maximum comfort.  Here at Trim Apparel we source high quality fabrics which are soft against the skin when it’s in motion and during times of intensity. The higher waistbands and supportive tops are far more comfortable to wear than jeans and underwired bras, whether you are working out at the gym or out and about going for coffee.


Trim Apparel is designed to be functional and support your sport in the toughest of times, when your body is being pushed to it’s limits. So, equally when you want the freedom of movement to be able to lift your shopping, run to catch the train or on your morning commute, activewear made by Trim Apparel always performs.

The Rise of Athleisure

June 10, 2016



With the rise of athleisure, fitness apparel has never been so popular in today's society.  But why is it suddenly socially acceptable to wear gym clothes 24/7?  Because not so long ago, it was considered quite a fashion faux pas to be seen running around town in your workout leggings and trainers.  Unless of course, you lived somewhere like Los Angeles or Miami, where it’s always been perfectly acceptable to flaunt that permanent beach-ready body all the time.

The thought process of wearing gym clothes to only workout in has been completely transformed.  Take our example of the TRIM crop top, £19.99 and available in 4 colours.  Teamed with our TRIM racerback sports bra and TRIM ultimate black leggings and you have the perfect workout outfit.  Teamed with a pair of jeans and you have two tops in one!

So forget about having to dress up, today you can go just about anywhere in your leggings and here at TRIM apparel we offer a range of stylish clothing that does exactly that.

So what are you waiting for?  GET IN and GET TRIM APPAREL.