The Rise of Athleisure



With the rise of athleisure, fitness apparel has never been so popular in today's society.  But why is it suddenly socially acceptable to wear gym clothes 24/7?  Because not so long ago, it was considered quite a fashion faux pas to be seen running around town in your workout leggings and trainers.  Unless of course, you lived somewhere like Los Angeles or Miami, where it’s always been perfectly acceptable to flaunt that permanent beach-ready body all the time.

The thought process of wearing gym clothes to only workout in has been completely transformed.  Take our example of the TRIM crop top, £19.99 and available in 4 colours.  Teamed with our TRIM racerback sports bra and TRIM ultimate black leggings and you have the perfect workout outfit.  Teamed with a pair of jeans and you have two tops in one!

So forget about having to dress up, today you can go just about anywhere in your leggings and here at TRIM apparel we offer a range of stylish clothing that does exactly that.

So what are you waiting for?  GET IN and GET TRIM APPAREL.