Get Fit. Get Trim

Getting fit can happen anywhere and everywhere and it won’t take an entire home gym to get you there. These handy bits of kit can help transform your fitness and help you reach your goals.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is the perfect bit of kit to make sure you’re working hard enough. Training with your heart rate enables you to monitor not only your effort, but your overall level of fitness. The faster your heart rate can jump from high intensity back to rest, the higher level of fitness you’ve got. As your fitness improves you’ll also find what originally had your heart rate soaring will become easier and you’ll know when it’s time to up the ante to continue improving.

Heart Rate Monitor


Trying to get fit at home doesn’t mean you have to prance around in you PJ’s.  Research  has shown that having the right activewear can actually improve your efforts, as well as provide you with a more comfortable routine. Technical fabrics wick sweat and prevent odour and chaffing to enhance your activity. Whether you’re training at home, outside or in the gym your activewear should match your effort. If you’re dressed in your PJ’s, you’re more likely to take a nap than to work out. Trim Apparel activewear collection is designed to help you reach your full potential and support your performance. 


The TRX is a great addition to any home workout routine as it can be easily homed in any room of the house with a mount or even using a door frame. TRX workouts add an extra dimension to bodyweight training by adding intensity to bodyweight exercises through the use of suspension. Users create constant tension on the abdominals, whilst performing multi-dimensional, compound exercises using bodyweight and suspension resistance. Integration is better than isolation. Training multiple muscle groups at a time promises faster results. Adding a TRX to your home routine will add extra intensity and diversity to your routine to keep you moving forward towards your goals. 



Kettlebells are another tool which can easily be incorporated into a home training regime. Kettlebells increase strength, speed and power and boost your metabolism whilst burning calories. A traditional kettlebell is a cast iron weight, it’s spherical in shape with a flat base and handle at the top, these can be swung, snatched and lifted in various ways to build a strong, fit physique. There is such a variety of exercises you can do with a kettlebell that they can be a very good purchase for a home gym, however if you’re entirely new to kettlebells we recommend you seek some tuition from a qualified instructor before going it alone, flying kettlebells make their fair share of damage.Kettlebells


When most people think of working out, they picture a dumbbell. Dumbbells are the symbol of working out and quite possibly the most important purchase when it comes to training at home. Adding weights to your routine will help build muscle, strengthen your bones and burn more calories. Start by getting a dumbbell tree, or adjustable weights, so you can improve as you go along. The list of exercises you can do with dumbbells feels endless, so it’s worth investing in a sturdy pair which will last you a long time.

Resistance bands

If you're tight on space resistance bands are great for creating extra intensity to your routine without requiring loads of room. These can easily be stored out of the way and are great for assisted stretching as well as incorporating into your routine.Bands increase strength, improve your balance and reduce joint pain.

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a great addition to any home training regime for use before, during and after workouts. Foam rolling your muscles stimulates increased blood flow to tired muscles as well as relieving knots and improving circulation using a technique called self myofascial release. As well as using a foam roller to stretch, it can be used during your workout to create an unstable platform, for example using a plank. The unstable platform creates extra work as your body is forced to recruit further muscles to try to help it stabilise as well as complete the exercise.