Mens Sleeveless Tank Tops

Men’s sleeveless T shirt’s are the go to top for men looking to show off their bulging biceps, invented for the athletic physique, but there's more to the style than just a big ego, read on to discover the brains behind the braun.

Why go Sleeveless?


Obviously, the lack of sleeves allows your skin to breathe where it needs it most, exposing your armpits and also reducing the risk of sweat patches.

Freedom of Movement

A sleeveless T shirt allows for complete freedom of movement around the shoulder joint. Your shoulder offers the greatest range of motion, so it can be really beneficial to not have any restrictions caused by material.


As they have the least material, sleeveless T shirts provide the most lightweight protection which is why you will often see athletes who need to remain as light as possible for their sports performance wearing a sleeveless t shirt, such as a Triathlete.


Ever heard if you’ve got it flaunt it? Of course you have, and the sleeveless T shirt is the perfect example of that. Sleeveless T shirts flatter an athletic physique and show off the body you’ve worked so hard for, pulling off a sleeveless gym T shirt, is a symbol of success.

Whilst these are great reasons to ditch your sleeves, this doesn’t mean you should be rushing off to cut all the sleeves off your T shirts. The raw seams could fray and lead to chafing, sleeveless t shirts are crafted to not rub the sensitive skin under your armpits and have a relaxed fit around the armpit to allow your skin to breathe where it needs it most.

Our Pro-Fit Tank Top is the perfect sleeveless T Shirt which is made from soft touch materials, featuring elastane to give you comfort with stylish Trim branding.  Designed with style, made for performance.