The Ultimate Leggings

Running Tights

Running tights aren’t just made to showcase toned legs or jazz up your gym wear with a brave pattern and they’re not just for women either! Running tights can now help wick away sweat, keep your body at the right temperature and help aid blood circulation with their compression technology.


Tights come in a variety of thicknesses and depending on what time of year it is depends on what thickness is going to work best for you. Thicker tights, whilst great for extra warmth during winter, can often restrict your range of motion, be quite heavy to run in, or worse still chaff! By contrast tights which are too thin can leave your legs chilly, as well as risk being see through should you bend over. We recommend you take your tights through a changing room test, try out your range of motion, bend over and do a mirror check, it’ll save you the embarrassment of any potential flashing. Also remember lighting makes a difference, the changing room lighting can often be designed to hide these little details, so step outside your curtain and squat somewhere else in the shop, you may feel silly at the time, but wouldn’t you feel sillier showcasing your cheeks?

Our Ultimate Leggings are designed using the highest grade materials to ensure comfort, versatility and sweat control allowing you to maximise your results while being active.


There are two key tests for a waistband, does it sit comfortably without chaffing and does it stay where it’s meant to. The wrong tights could chafe your tummy, fall to your ankles and then cause you to waddle into a face plant with the floor, it’s not a pretty picture. Typically you will find three types of waistband, an elastic fit, a wide band fit or a tie fit. Elastic fits are great if the materials are high quality, but as you’re dependant fully on their bounce-back abilities, cheap materials can lack the support you need to keep your tights in place. A wide waistband offers more comfort and is less likely to slip so easily. Tie waistlines ensure a secure fit but can be uncomfortable if you're wearing them for a long time as they can also be prone to chafing, so it’s worth investing in a pair with soft and smooth laces, that you don't have to pull too tightly for a snug fit.


Whilst full length tights offer the most streamlined performance and heat protection ¾ length bottoms often referred to as Capris are also very popular. These sit just below the knee and are great for those who run in warmer weather, or who want a more versatile performance from their tights. ¾ lengths also work well for transitioning sports for example from wearing for running to yoga.

Women’s tip: Watch Out for awkward folds in material, don't let bad tights give you the hump.